Sister Parish Said It Best

"From the beginning, I never followed trends. If I was aware of them, 
I didn't care, for I believed as I do now, 
that rooms should be timeless and very personal."
 ~Sister Parish

 Isn't that just a brilliant quote?  It caught my attention when I saw it today, because, as a designer, it's what I truly believe.  In fact, it's very much the same sentiment as what I have posted on my Etsy shop, 6 Wilson.  So much so, that I fear you'll think I copied it!

Anyway, this image from Pinterest embodies what Sister Parish was saying.  You really can't tell when this room was put together.  And it will still look fabulous ten years from now.  

  But if this was your room, how would you make it personal to you?  

Maybe you would add one of these pillows on each cream sofa if you want to bring in some of your love of the southwest. (Branches of Bittersweet, too, instead of the flowers, perhaps?)

Or what about adding these to the cream sofas, and putting a cozy light blue throw over the arm of the brown one to tie it all together because you love the color blue and can't live without it. 

 Let's look at the room again...

Or, if you can't get enough of layering neutrals,  maybe you just need to add more...

I show you all of this because I believe, really believe, that you should live with things that make you happy, and that your home should be more about your personality than what's overly trendy.  (Of course, if you are a trend-setter to your soul, well, you can find a bit of that at 6 Wilson, too :)

So, do tell, is your home true to you, or do you indulge in the of-the-moment?  And don't fear, I do believe in a bit of the right-now to keep a look fresh.

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