Before and After -- Master Bathroom

I love before and after's because they give the client a really clear view of how far we've come on a project.  This is the master bath in this house, which I have shown many times on my blog House and Home Defined.

Here's the before...

This is decidedly not my client's style.  They are an eclectic mix of traditional, southwestern, rustic, and places in between.  Everything but the tub and vanity/countertop was going -- a major face lift was in the asking.  My challenge was to capture their tastes and personalities while incorporating the blue-gray tub and carrera.

Here's the after...

All the blue-gray tile is gone, the white tile floor, the window treatments, mirror, and lights.  Woven wood shades are under the cornices.  Yellow and gray prevail, a hold over scheme from the former look, but much softer and more rustic.

What doesn't come through in these images is that the glass accent tile has blue gray in it, and the floor and tub surround tiles are a sandy gold with hints of gray running through them.  (The tub is a much more muted tone than appears here.) The light fixtures have a marble backplate that matches the marble jams in the shower stall, and the chrome accents tie to the other chrome elements in the room.  The custom mirrors have shades of sandy gold and silver in them.

Here's the old view from the bedroom...

And here it is now...

This shot above gives you a better idea of the shading in the tile.

In other news, thank you for joining me here at my new home, 6 Wilson!  House and Home Defined was a labor of love, but I can't keep up two blogs, a full time job as a Decorator,  6 Wilson on Etsy, and mantain my role as wife and mom without loosing my mind, so House and Home Defined is being retired.  Everything I did there, plus news from 6 Wilson, will now be here.

Talk to you soon, my friends!!


  1. Beautiful redo on the bathroom Carol!

  2. Pretty bathroom. Welcome to your new home.

  3. So pretty. It's really nice to see things "redone" "reused" and not just gut everything but use what you have. You did a fabulous job on the bathroom. The bigger floor tiles and less grout made a huge difference. xo marlis

  4. I agree, it's a great update. I hope you saved that old window treatment!


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