Vintage Meets Modern for the Table

Modern meets vintage, with a plate from Target and 19th century silver and mother of pearl serving pieces. 

These pieces and several others are headed to the shop (if I can bring myself to part with them).  Entertaining with style matters, in my book.  What better way to make your guest feel like a million?  Stay tuned for the listings...


Before and After Family Room

My client's family room is almost complete, with only one pillow and a small table left to deliver.  But I thought you might enjoy a quick look at this before and after.  I have done nearly the entire house for this client (Carol Beck Interiors), and what a joy it has been to do something a little out of the box -- bringing a flavor of eclectic Southwest to a New England home.

Here is where we started this past June.  The only elements staying in the space were the new orange 6 Wilson pillows ;-) the artwork on the wall, and the decorative plates on the fireplace.  The window treatments also stayed, as I had done them a few years ago as a starting point for the change to come.


And the After...

The room isn't perfectly styled in this after, but you get the idea.  When I deliver the table, I'll take a few more angles.

For those of you don't know, I think it bears mentioning that 6 Wilson is my Etsy shop (soon to be a dot com), an offshoot of my business, Carol Beck Interiors.  I confess I am not good about showing my work or even much of my own projects at home, but I'm going to try to make time to change that!  Stay tuned.

Hope you all are happy and warm out there, especially my snow covered compatriots!!


Blue and White Inspiration with a Bit of Wood

It's time for me to get some inspiration for a family room redo.  It's the last room on our first floor to get some serious attention, and that's going to change this spring.  I'll show the room as it is now in another post, but here are some spaces that convey the feel I want the room to have...

Marshall Watson Design

I know this is a bedroom, above, but I love how it makes me feel.  I connect with it, and I want to have that connection with my new family room.    The only things I know for sure is that I want blues mixed with creams and wood.

This chair detailing slays me, it's so beautiful.  I believe the fabric is Cowtan & Tout, and I know that I must have either a window pane pattern like this one, or a check of some sort.

Lucy Williams Interiors

I love the wood mixed with the blue in the room below.  In another home, I would do blue and white in a nano-second,  but my home is in the woods, and doesn't have bright light, especially the family room.  What would white do in that room?  Look cold and shadowy.  Using white walls and furniture, in this designer's opinion, demands a lot of natural light.

Found on TG Interiors blog

I'm after a causal elegant vibe, much like the rest of the first floor.  Above is a bit too dressy, overall.  This is another gage on the feeling I'm going for...

I just adore this wallpaper and the mood it gives.  While wallpaper is not in the budget, I may do some on the back of my one bookcase.  We'll see how it all shakes out when the fabrics are decided.

Another element I know for sure -- baskets.  I love the texture and earthiness they bring to a home. They are just timeless.
Some like these...

found on Beneathmyheart.net

One of the reasons I'm starting to think about the details of this project is that I will probably do the One Room Challenge link up this spring over at Linda's blog, Calling it Home.  Not only do I need a plan, but I need to get my husband to do a few things with me, too, so planning is key.

If you follow me here or on Instagram, you know that this picture was the inspiration for my kitchen re-do last May...

It inspired my kitchen to look like this...

You can find out more about this kitchen makeover here.

Well, these snowy New England days of late have given me the opportunity to slow down and give the family room some thought.  Let's hope for a few more snow days so I can at least think about this project, even if I'm saving starting it for the spring ;-)

Hope you all are safe and warm,
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