Christmas Home Tour

Let's get right to it, shall we?  Christmas at my house starts with wintry black, white and silver in my kitchen...

The front hallway almost always has red, which for me, at heart, is really the color of Christmas.

The hallway also frames the living room...

My living room opens up to the dining room, which is a feature I love about a house.  I love that people can linger at the table while others relax within conversation distance. 

My dining room side piece is so hard to photograph against the window!

I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas season.  My warmest wishes for heartfelt celebrations,


Olive Green Table Runner, on Trend and Classic

  One of the home color trends spotted at the High Point furniture market in October was earthy olive green.  What a gorgeous color addition to Christmas decorating, I think!  Especially on the table...

While this image is a sneak peek at my own Christmas table, the olive green satin runner is also available in the shop.  It is the most luxurious, high end designer satin, and reversible, too.

Truly, it is impossible to capture the gorgeousness of this fabric runner, with its soft, elegant shine.

Use it on bare wood for a traditional look...

Or change it up by layering it on a table cloth with a more modern setting...

For more on this table runner, check it out at 6 Wilson here.

And remember, a great meal starts with a great table!!  Enjoy your holiday decorating, friends.  I will be back with more on how I use this runner in my own home.


Vintage Chinoiserie Plates You Have to See

Yes.  You must see these rare Royal Worcester chinoiserie dinner plates.

Available at 6 Wilson

These were a special addition to the Pillament pattern, which was produced in England between 1920 and 1939 (from the research I did).  And guess what?  I can't find anyone but me (at 6 Wilson) who has them ;-).   This mint condition set of 4 is gorgeous, and the green is just the most stunning shade.

I knowIknowIknow it's too early to show Christmas stuff, but I couldn't resist styling them a bit so you could imagine them at your holiday dinner party...

I figure everyone is like me and has their Thanksgiving table all done in their head, and we're on to planning the next tablescapes...Ha (oh please, I know).

Of course, they could also go on your wall, or in your hutch as a beautiful backdrop to your other pieces.  Mix them with anything!  And if you need a bit more green or purple in the room to balance your table, why not add these...

Find them here

Or maybe this one?

Find it here

For more on these plates,  check them out on 6 Wilson.  (Before I decide to keep them...)

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